When You Should See a Hand Surgeon
By Pedro J. Loredo, M.D. III
November 05, 2020
Category: Orthopedic
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Your hands are highly complex structures. They help you work, do hobbies, care for your family, play sports and music and so much more. You want them functioning well and comfortably. So does your hand surgeon in Grapevine, TX, Farmers Branch, TX, and Richardson, TX, Dr. Pedro Loredo. He and his staff at Loredo Hand Care Institute help hands do what they were designed to do. Read more here.


Why should you see a Grapevine, TX, hand surgeon?

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand says that you should see a hand surgeon if you have persistent pain or dysfunction in the hand, wrist, forearm, or elbow. In other words, more conservative interventions for an acute or repetitive motion injury (work- or sport-related), arthritis pain, or deformity have proven ineffective. Pain continues or even worsens even when you are resting. Also, Dr. Loredo treats masses and cysts such as benign ganglion cysts, fatty lipomas, and others.


At Loredo Hand Care Institute in Grapevine, TX, we want your hands to operate as they should and to do so comfortably. Your hands, wrists, and forearms are complex, finely-tuned structures. Surgery requires the education, skills, and experience of a physician board-certified in surgery and the complexities of the hand. As your hand surgeon, Dr. Loredo also demonstrates excellent listening skills to hone in on your problem, and he has the compassion you need for a stress-free operation and recovery.


What we treat

Dr. Loredo helps patients with:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures of the hands and fingers
  • Carpal, radial, Guyon's canal, and cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Tears in connective tissue
  • Golfer's and tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Raynaud's Disease
  • Trigger finger
  • Arthritis pain and deformity (arthroscopy and joint replacement)
  • Hand pain associated with pregnancy


Dr. Loredo is an expert in the latest surgical techniques, including minimally-invasive endoscopic carpal tunnel release for the quickest results and best long-term recovery. He follows through with pain management and physical therapy after each procedure as needed.


Contact Dr. Loredo

Your best hand function and pain relief are just a phone call away. Please contact Loredo Hand Care Institute today for a personal consultation with our outstanding hand surgeon, Dr. Pedro Loredo. For our Grapevine, Farmers Branch, and Richardson, TX, office, call (972) 939-4974.


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