Treating Workman's Comp Injuries
By Pedro J. Loredo, M.D. III
April 05, 2021
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Dr. Pedro Loredo treats workman's compensation injuries for patients who have been injured at work. Loredo Hand Care Institute serves Dallas, Branch, Richardson, and Grapevine, TX. You should seek treatment for any kind of injury, but if you've been injured at work in the Dallas, TX, area it's important to get a medical assessment from a doctor as soon as possible.

What does workman's comp mean?

Workman's compensation provides people with benefits, namely reasonable and necessary medical care if they become ill or injured on the job. This can be due to a specific incident or accident, or due to the long-term effects of a job on the body. Even when safety protocols are followed accidents can happen, and you could still be entitled to medical care.

To receive workman's compensation benefits, you'll need a medical diagnosis from a doctor. Your doctor will assess your need for medical treatment, any physical restrictions or limitations you have because of the injury, and your likelihood of recovery. If there has been an accident like a fall or equipment malfunction that caused an injury it's important to be evaluated right away, especially if you are in pain. Most common types of workman's compensation injuries include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Crush injuries

Treating Workman's comp injuries

Once you have been diagnosed your treatment will depend on your injury or condition and you may be referred to a specialist. Treatment could include physical or occupational therapy and may involve medication to manage pain. Your doctor will continue to evaluate you throughout your rehabilitation to assess if and when you can return to work. It's important to be honest with your doctor about your pain and symptoms at every stage of recovery.

Your doctor will play an important role in your workman's compensation case. Documenting all your visits and records makes it easier to claim your benefits with fewer disputes with insurance, so keep track of your care and expenses.

Loredo Hand Care Institute is here for you if you've been injured at work. Dr. Loredo treats patients living in Dallas, Branch, Richardson, and Grapevine, TX. Contact us for an appointment at (972) 939-4974.


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