Signs And Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
By Pedro J. Loredo, M.D. III
August 10, 2021
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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that is experienced by many people globally, and it manifests as pain or weakness in the hand and wrist. This occurs because of high pressure on the median nerve in the wrist, which is responsible for sensation in the thumb, index, middle, and half of the ring finger. The Loredo Hand Care Institute, in Grapevine, Farmers Branch, and Richardson, TX, is ready to attend to any questions and/or concerns pertaining to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The carpal tunnel is essentially a small tube within the wrist that gives way for the median nerve and other ligaments to connect the hand to the forearm. When too much pressure is applied to this region, there may be uncomfortable sensations such as numbing, tingling, and pain.

Signs and Symptoms

Carpal tunnel syndrome has two main symptoms, including:

  • Tingling/numbness. If you are experiencing tingling and/or numbness in your thumb, index, middle, ring finger, or your entire hand, you may be experiencing this syndrome. These symptoms can also go up to your arm. Please consult The Loredo Hand Care Institute, at Grapevine, Dallas, TX, to be sure.
  • Weakness. The numbness may result in feelings of weakness, such that you are unable to proceed with daily tasks that involve holding objects or using your thumb.

Prevention tips

There are a few ways to prevent the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, including:

  • Relaxing your hand. If you write a lot, take some time to stretch out your hand or use a bigger pen with a softer grip.
  • Take breaks. Relax your hand and also take frequent breaks (minutes).
  • Form. Do not bend your wrist too much.
  • Posture. Having bad posture can definitely affect your wrist and cause neck pain too, so make sure you are sitting correctly.
  • Change the computer mouse. It may not be comfortable, so change it to a size that is better.
  • Warmth. Keeping your hand warm can help.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and uncomfortable occurrence and would require some medical attention. The Loredo Hand Care Institute, in Grapevine ( serving patients in the Dallas area near the Grapevine office location), Farmers Branch, and Richardson, TX, is ready to attend to your needs! Book your appointment today at (972) 939-4974, and relieve your symptoms.


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