PEDRO LOREDO, MD III Board Certified Hand Surgeon

Pioneer •  Innovator • Committed to Excellence

Pedro Loredo, MD III specializes in minimally invasive hand surgery, endoscopic carpal tunnel release, endoscopic cubital tunnel release, endoscopic pronator release, endoscopic trigger finger release and joint arthroscopic surgery. He is a pioneer in the treatment of wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr. Loredo helped in the development of the Stratos Endoscopic Release System, the most advanced technology for carpal tunnel release and cubital tunnel release. 

Dr. Loredo completed his hand and upper extremity surgery fellowship at the Christine Kleinert Institute. He is board-certified in General Surgery and Hand Surgery by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Loredo is committed to improving the quality of care available to patients around the world and enjoys the opportunity to educate and train surgeons and surgical technicians.